Mayor Carolos Gimenez

A spirited crowd filled the auditorium of the D.A. Dorsey Educational Center as Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced his Employ Miami-Dade initiative.

The focus will be on construction jobs, taking advantage of the booming commercial real-estate market.

Through the county’s Ready, Set, Build program, the first graduating class is ready to work.

As with many programs, there has been pushback from the community in terms of its effectiveness. But community leaders like Leroy Jones, executive director of the Neighbors and Neighbors Association, is calling on the community to see the results.

A big boost to the program is the partnership with OneUnited Bank. President Terry Williams was in attendance to present a $10,000 check to help with Employ Miami-Dade.

“The economy is coming back, but our community also needs to come back,” Williams said.

Gimenez said Employ Miami-Dade will be the focus of his administration for as long as he is in office.

“It shows me that there is a great need in the community,” Gimenez said of those who attended his announcement.

Gimenez said this will be paid for using existing state and federal funds with no cost to residents.

Subsequent phases of Employ Miami-Dade will include training in other areas and industries in order to provide permanent job opportunities as well.

Source:  Local 10