The Commercial & Industrial Foundation of South Florida (CIASF) was founded as the Industrial Association of Dade County (IADC) in 1980 as an organization of business leaders involved in development, design, construction, sales, and the leasing of industrial warehouses and commercial properties in South Florida.

In 2006, the organization changed its name to CIASF to reflect it’s desire to better service both the commercial and industrial segments of the market.

With over 275 members, CIASF is a marketplace leader for South Florida’s top commercial real estate professionals, affiliates, and service providers; and an advocate for the industry.

CIASF’s mission and purpose:

  • To promote the economic development of Miami-Dade County through the well-planned growth and operation of industrial/commercial properties.

  • To unite, through membership in the organization, individuals and businesses actively engaged in or interested in the development and/or operation of industrial and commercial properties.

  • To support, increased, high-level, high wage employment through new and expanded compatible industry in Miami-Dade County.

  • To partner with industry and government officials, through meetings, active discussion and exchange of information, to attract and retain compatible industry to Miami-Dade County.

  • To monitor the regulations and conditions imposed upon industry by government entities, to:

    (A) Prevent unwarranted and unwise rules and regulations that inhibit beneficial industrial/commercial activity.

    (B) Provide advice and support to industry and government in the formulation, evaluation, and enforcement of realistic rules and regulations.

  • To encourage the government to expand and support services to industrial/commercial neighborhoods on a par with residential neighborhoods.
  • To sustain private industry, and appointed and elected officials to improve the economic development of Miami-Dade County.